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One of the best ways to stay informed on the latest autism news is to follow one of the many blogs that focus on the subject. However, with so many blogs out there, it’s difficult to know where to start. The below list looks at some of the web’s top autism blogs. Not only do these blogs focus on the latest research, they also feature stories from everyday people—parents, siblings, and children—who understand what it’s like when a family member has autism.

The Autism Blog – Seattle Children’s Hospital

If you want the perspective of medical professionals, there is no better blog to read than the Seattle Children’s Hospital Autism Blog. The About section of the blog states: “Our primary contributors are physicians, nurses, psychologists, and family resource staff who are knowledgeable about the diagnosis and the latest in treatments and therapies” (About This Blog). Today anyone with a computer and an Internet connection can create a blog. However, you never have to worry about the authenticity or the quality of what you read on the Seattle Children’s Hospital blog.

The Autism Dad

Parents of children with autism will be able to relate to The Autism Dad. Rob Gorski is the blog’s author. For nearly a decade he has written about his experience with raising three children with autism. While the Autism Dad has only existed for about two years, he managed another blog called Lost and Tired for a number of years as well. Rob Gorski comes across as very personable in his writing, and he often interacts with his followers. His blog is extremely popular. At the moment the blog’s Facebook page has over 10,000 likes.

Autism Mom

Elizabeth’s goal with writing Autism Mom is to help other parents navigate the experience of raising a child with autism. Her blog includes several helpful articles. For example, some articles provide tips on playing Minecraft with your child. Another category of articles focuses on how to have the best experience when traveling with a child with autism. The blog has received numerous awards since it first appeared on the web. It’s definitely worth a look.

Autism Speaks

Autism Speaks is one of the most recognizable autism advocacy organizations in the United States. The organization’s blog is regularly updated with posts about the latest autism research as well as more personal inspirational stories from parents and family members of people with autism. There is also a “Got Questions” series where readers can submit questions to Sally Rogers, a child psychologist. Explore the blog today.