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Raising a child with autism is very challenging for parents, but it can also be very rewarding. One of the most important aspects of parenting a child with autism is understanding the characteristics of the disorder and the ways that children with autism communicate via their different behaviors. The more you understand about autism. the better you will be at parenting your child. One of the best ways to learn about the disorder is to read. Here is a list of four books on autism that will help you be a more effective parent.

Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew – Ellen Notbohm

Ellen Notbohm writes from experience. She has two sons with autism and ADHD. While you may be surprised by how simple some of Notbohm’s suggestions are, you’ll be pleased with their effectiveness. The book features ten chapters that deal with the “ten things” stated in the title. Some of the advice in the book isn’t specific to autism, so all parents will gain some insight from reading it.

1001 Great Ideas for Teaching & Raising Children with Autism or Asperger’s – Ellen Notbohm and Veronica Zysk

Like the title says, this book is intended for teachers as well as parents. The second edition of the book actually offers 1800 useful ideas. Within the book’s pages, you’ll find strategies that are designed to help your child be successful in all aspects of life. The book’s clear table of contents and index pages ensure that you’ll be able to easily return to the useful information you discover inside.

The Child with Autism at Home & in the Community: Over 600 Must-Have Tips for Making Home Life and Outings Easier for Everyone – Kathy Labosh and LaNita Miller

Kathy Labosh is another mother of two sons with autism so she writes from experience. The book considers each room in your household and some of the common issues you might face there such as picky eating or running away. After looking at the household, the book moves on to making trips outside of the home. You’ll learn a handful of tips for making trips to the movie theater, the playground, and many other popular locations.

Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism – Shannon Des Roches Rosa, Jennifer Byde Myers, Liz Ditz, Emily Willingham and Carol Greenburg

This book gathers fifty-five different essays written by parents, teachers, researchers, and people with autism themselves. Each essay illuminates a different aspect of the autism experience. The book is an inspiring resource to keep on your shelf where you can refer to it throughout the years.