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As the father of a five-year-old autistic son, Trevor Marca is well aware of the prevailing misconceptions that people have of the disorder. When it comes to autism — a developmental condition that now affects 1 in every 68 children — not many people truly understand what the condition entails.

While the common symptoms of the disorder include difficulty with communication and social interactions as well as obsessive interests and repetitive behaviors, autism is best defined as a spectrum disorder, impacting an individual’s nervous system. This means that every individual’s situation is different; they each have a unique set of symptoms and behaviors. The fact that the disorder exists on a spectrum also means there is no real look to autism: it is a cognitive trait, not a physical experience.

Although there is no cure for autism, Trevor Marca has learned firsthand that early recognition of the disorder, along with behavioral and educational therapies, can help reduce the symptoms and aid in learning and development. It is his desire to see insurance companies fully cover the needs of autistic children and that the government funding will become less bureaucratic and easier to navigate for autistic parents.

Encouraged by the tremendous growth in knowledge over the past couple decades, Trevor is optimistic that current research will lead to many new findings regarding the cause of autism. He hopes these enlightenments will result in a decrease in the rate. Furthermore, he has high hopes that new therapies and programs will be initiated to help autistic children grow up to be successful, happy, and independent adults.

Trevor hopes that through education and awareness of this condition, others will be better able to understand how to communicate and interact with autistic individuals. Moreover, he is excited to do his part to build more accepting and accommodating communities.

Professional Background

Trevor Marca is an experienced marketing professional and publisher of Glendale Hills Living and La Canada Flintridge Neighbors magazines. Committed to bringing communities closer together, Trevor uses his magazines’ platforms to provide the local residents with entertaining, informative, and educational content.

Glendale Hills Living and La Canada Flintridge Neighbors are private, community-centric magazines that aim to build and strengthen relationships between those who reside and work in their respective communities. Recognizing that many communities were beginning to drift apart, Trevor was inspired to get into publishing in an effort to reverse the current trend. Trevor Marca has worked tirelessly to build connections within the community and learn about what the residents in the neighborhoods care most about.